Skirting forty and terrified of descending into middle-age decrepitude, Aggie Mundeen blasts off to the university to study the genetics of aging. She is doggedly determined to stay young and will get hints for readers of “Stay Young with Aggie.” She learns about the Human Genome Project and DNA, but she discovers a dead body. Detective Sam reminds her to avoid the investigation. But dangerously curious and programmed to prod, she races to solve the crime, winds up the prime suspect and is on target to become next campus corpse. She learns genetic secrets of staying young—and critical lessons about love and staying alive.

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A “Must Read.” – Southern Writers Magazine

West’s humor and jest at unexpected moments make DANG NEAR DEAD a delightful read. Plot twists and in-depth characterization spiced with encounters between Aggie and Sam make a satisfying mystery.
—Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review




Lefty Award Finalist for Best Humorous Mystery

FIT TO BE DEAD has a creative plot, tension that makes it hard to put down and main characters whose histories suggest they could fill a series…. I love this book!
—Rollo K. Newsom PhD, Professor Emeritus,Texas State University, and an editor of Lone Star Sleuths.

West’s sense of humor is fantastic…with lines that made me laugh out loud….Her style is wonderfully entertaining.
—Elizabeth Hilborn, Houston, Texas.

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