Aggie Mundeen’s Problems With Her Author

The relationship with my author, Nancy G. West, is unsettling.

I was her star for four Aggie Mundeen Mysteries. Then she went AWOL and was cruising along as if she didn’t know me anymore. I was pretty upset.

This month she finished a novel about eighteen-year-old baseball player Decker Savage, whose parents are divorcing. In January of his senior year, he sits depressed and alone in a dark diner when a scruffy stranger in the far booth captures his interest. His mother walks into the murky place and sits across from this man. They chit chat, she smiles, then she says something that causes the man to jump up and blast out of the eatery. She looks perplexed, then angry. What does this creep have to do with Decker’s family? He has to find out. He follows the man out the back of the diner and into great danger.

What does the baseball player have to do with me? That book probably isn’t even funny. Nancy has obviously lost the plot. If she loses the plot, I’m a goner.

I do, however, have encouraging news. I just learned there are Second Editions of the first two Aggie Mundeen Mysteries, Fit to Be Dead and Dang Near Dead. Cool! And a Second Edition of Nine Days to Evil—prequel to the Aggie Mundeen series. It is graduate student Meredith Laughlin’s story of psychological suspense. Meredith is facing a life-threatening dilemma when she meets me and Sam.

Nancy’s next project is to write an Aggie Mundeen Lake Mystery for a new spin-off series. After Sam and I nearly drown in a raging flood in The Plunge, our outlook and relationship change. Near death experiences have that effect.

Having survived the flood, I grow close to other survivors and want to help them rebuild their lives. My new friend Connie is director of  Pecan Paradise, a retirement home in Seguin not far from the lake. She asks me to work there as Activities Director. Seguin is thirty-five miles from San Antonio where Sam is an SAPD detective. A new beginning? A temporary relocation? A permanent shift?

Will I have the opportunity to root out injustice? Without a wrong to set right, I get bored. Will Sam be involved?

Nancy hasn’t told me, so I’ll have to wait and see. At least I’m in her head again. I was beginning to worry.


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