Aggie’s Concern: Nancy Has Lost the Plot

I’m afraid Nancy has lost the plot. She finally finished her suspense novel about eighteen-year-old Decker Savage who has a supportive family and a bright future – until he follows a mystery man into danger that threatens to destroy his family and his life. I admit it sounds like a good story. But here’s the weird part. After she queries agents and researches a few publishers, she spends part of every day reading Decker’s story out loud.  She makes a few changes to the manuscript, then goes on reading. For crying out load, doesn’t she know what’s in it? It’s painful to watch.

What’s more, I’ve heard her musing about taking a vacation. This is in spite of the fact that she has a mystery/suspense novel about me that’s one quarter written, and it’s sitting on a shelf. It’s the second book in the new spin-off series, Aggie Mundeen Lake Mysteries. After Sam and I almost perished in a flood, I had great empathy for the survivors. So I moved to Seguin, a town near the flood, to see how I could help flood victims. Sam wasn’t thrilled with the idea (he is still a San Antonio Detecive), but I did it anyway. As always, things weren’t turning out quite like I anticipated.

The thing is, Nancy needs to get her head back into the book so we can both find out what happens. At least she hasn’t completely turned her back on me. I’ve just got to figure out how to get her out of this querying, reading, vacationing mode.

I’ll keep you posted,


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