September 13, 2020

Covid summer has passed and here we are in September, wearing masks, washing hands and hoping the darn virus loosens its grip more and more and fades into memory. Loved ones we lost will never fade from our thoughts.

Most of us are trying to work despite difficulties, but writers mostly stay at home to work, right?  By now, there should be a book out on  my new adventures as Activities Director for Seguin’s Pecan Paradise Retirement Center.

Not exactly. Nancy’s brain was infiltrated by a baseball-playing high school senior who is depressed because his parents are divorcing. He sees his mother sitting in a dark diner with a scruffy-looking stranger and is compelled to follow the man into danger. This stand-a-lone novel, which Amazon will probably categorize as “Adult Coming-of-Age Psychological Suspense,” is currently under agents’/publishers’ scrutiny.

What does this young man’s dilemma and his story have to do with me, Nancy’s original and ever-faithful protagonist?  Nothing.

Meanwhile, second editions of all Aggie Mundeen Mysteries  are available as paperbacks and ebooks. Definitely a step in the right direction.

The Plunge, lead-in to the new Lake Mystery series, is the story of Sam and me trying to solve a mystery in the midst of being caught in the raging 500-year flood in Central Texas. The flood made me view life—and death—differently, so I moved to Seguin to help post-flood victims. Book #2 is about my first suspenseful, dangerous week at Pecan Paradise Retirement Center after I barely survived the flood.

Pecan Paradise has a slew of interesting characters and menacing possibilities.

Nancy is finished outlining and ready to write Book#2. Stay well and  stay tuned.