Book Club Discussion Questions for FIT TO BE DEAD, Aggie Mundeen’s First Story


  1. Have you ever tried to start life over? Single? Did you have problems like Aggie’s?
  2. Is Aggie’s health club like yours? If you don’t exercise, did you relate to her experience? (except for murder)
  3. Does Aggie, from Chicago, adapt to Texas ways?
  4. When SAPD Detective Sam, the man Aggie loved, appears at the health club to investigate the murder, how does he view Aggie?
  5. How do you see their relationship developing? Will tragedies in their backgrounds make it impossible for them to ever have a healthy relationship?
  6. What characteristics make Aggie a good amateur sleuth? Are her strengths also her weaknesses?
  7. Grace is Aggie’s friend and neighbor. What’s her role in Aggie’s life?
  8. Besides Aggie, are there other people in the book you enjoyed? Why?
  9. Of these themes, which interested you most:
  • How people’s choices shape their lives
  • How the past affects people’s mindset
  • The value/harm in keeping personal secrets

10. Can crime co-exist with humor?

11.The rocky road of romance

12.What scene grabbed you or surprised you?

Aggie and I would love to hear your book club’s answers.

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