Aggie Mundeen, single and way past thirty, fears nothing but middle age. When she moves from Chicago to San Antonio, she decides she better shape up before anybody discovers she writes the column, “Stay Young with Aggie.” She takes Aspects of Aging at the University of the Holy Trinity and plunges into exercise at Fit and Firm. Rusty at flirting and mechanically inept, she irritates a slew of male exercisers, then stumbles into murder. She’d like to impress the attractive detective with her sleuthing skills. But when the killer comes after her, the health club evacuates semi-clad patrons from the locker rooms, and the detective has to stall his investigation. Aggie forgoes fitness to try to stay alive.

    Lefty Award Finalist

Fit to be Dead Paperback


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Fit to be Dead Ebook




1. Have you ever tried to start life over? Single?  Did you have problems like Aggie’s?

 2. Is Aggie’s health club like yours?  If you don’t exercise, did you relate to her experience (except for murder?)

3. Does Aggie, from Chicago, adapt to Texas ways?

4. When SAPD Detective Sam appears at the health  club to investigate, how does he view Aggie?

5. How do you see their relationship developing?  Will background tragedys make it impossible for them to ever have a healthy relationship?

6. What characteristics make Aggie a good amateur sleuth? Are her strengths also her weaknesses?

7GGrace is Aggie’s friend and neighbor. What is her role in Aggie’s life?

8.Besides Aggie, are there other people in the book  you enjoyed?

OOf these themes in the book, which ones interested you?

A.How people’s choices shape their lives;B. How the past affects people’s mindset

C. The value/harm in keeping secrets D. Can crime co-exist with humor? E.The rocky road of romance

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