The Plunge

An  Aggie Mundeen LAKE Mystery

A lakeside cottage. A missing boat. A storm. Disaster.

When Aggie Mundeen accompanies San Antonio Detective Sam Vanderhoven on a weekend getaway to Lake Placid, she thinks it’s going to be fun in the sun. What could be better than caretaking a friend’s cottage on the Guadalupe River in Central Texas? Never mind that Sam intends to discretely investigate the theft of that friend’s boat.

Unfortunately, the weather has plans of its own. Buckets of rain and gusting winds roil the lake, turning the peaceful Guadalupe into an angry, raging river. As darkness descends, lightning reveals two people arguing on a dock across the river. When lightning flashes again, they are gone. Did Aggie and Sam witness an accident? A drowning? A murder?

The Plunge sweeps readers along with the threat of looming disaster, helpless before an untamable force, where sleuthing takes a back seat to survival.

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Discussion Questions For

The Plunge

–Have you faced catastrophe? What happened?

–How did you survive?

–Did surviving catastrophe change you?

 –How did it change your life?

–How were other survivors affected?

–Is your outlook on life different now? How?

–Do Aggie and Sam react as you expect?

-Will they change more in the future?