Meet the Author

Meet  the  Author

When Nancy was seven years old, she and her mother wrote poems to each other on special occasions. The poetry was awful, but Nancy learned if you wrote something, people stopped to read it.

In high school, Library Journal’s Pegasus published her poem, a feat she ranked way beneath cheer-leading. At eighteen, with journalists underpaid and English major graduates selling lingerie, she slogged through General Business at the University of Texas and earned a BBA. Fortunately, she took a creative writing course.

Married, with two daughters, she read numerous books on writing and wrote articles, poetry, the biography of artist Jose Vives-Atsara (Shoal Creek Publishers) and founded Book Publishers of Texas, where she produced the association’s trade journal and promoted members’ books for seven years.

Returning to college to earn her MA, she studied English literature and began writing NINE DAYS TO EVIL, a novel of psychological suspense, Shakespeare, and nonstop-action which won the Blether Gold Award. Her poem, Time to Lie, featured by “Theme and Variations,” was broadcast on NPR. For three years, she wrote San Antonio Woman’s Book Shelf column and articles for other publications. She was honored by Friends of the San Antonio Library with the 2012 Arts and Letters Award, and her books and papers from the Texas Book Publishers Association are in Texas State University’s Southwest Writers Collection.

As she finished NINE DAYS TO EVIL, Meredith’s “mature” graduate school friend, Aggie Mundeen, captivated Nancy and led her to create Aggie Mundeen Mysteries. Each book in the series has won or been nominated for an award.

Her latest book, THE PLUNGE, a short novel of suspense, takes Aggie and Detective Sam to a lakeside cottage on the Guadalupe River in Texas – a few hours before the river unexpectedly floods.

Even if people manage to survive catastrophe, are they forever changed? THE PLUNGE propels Aggie Mundeen in a new direction.

She is querying agents about a new stand-a-lone novel of suspense:

A resourceful high school senior, derailed by his parents’ impending divorce, has to find the mystery man threatening him and everyone he loves before the culprit destroys them.


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