Thawing Out

GREETINGS from the thawing Texas tundra. Slammed with a sample of the snow belt, we were woefully under-prepared. (Sort of like coming to Texas in August without air conditioning or water). Thousands lost power and water. People stood six feet apart in heavy snowfall only to find grocery shelves virtually empty. Those with frigid homes piled in with relatives, friends, or lugged coats and blankets to warming shelters. Homeless people overfilled shelters and churches. Those with medical issues requiring power were whisked to hospitals with backup generators. Everyone helped.

The snow has melted, the weather is warming, and most people have power, if not water. Carrying buckets of snow-melt inside to flush toilets is not fun. We look forward to a balmy weekend with a lot of finger pointing at officialdom. Booked-up plumbers are looking forward to early retirement.

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Stay Warm and Hopeful,



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