Yoga keeps you young?

Hey. Aggie Mundeen here. This is an anti-aging blog. Since I’m way past thirty, single and terrified of becoming decrepit, I search for every available remedy to stay young. Sound good? Then let’s collaborate. We know staying young requires exercise, a healthy diet and trying every product on the market that promises perpetual youth. Exercise is a broad field (I had trouble with exercise at my health club; see my story Fit to be Dead), so lets break it down. Consider yoga, for instance. According to yoga, age is determined by the flexibility of your spine, not the number of years you’ve lived. Really? I stretch my spine to stay limber, but yoga people say stretching the spine also helps one’s digestion and nervous system. How does that work? According to ancient yoga masters, the sirsasana or headstand (the “strongest anti-aging Asana”) increases circulation of blood and nutrients to the brain and gives inner organs a break by reversing gravity. They say headstands, done correctly without stress, gives the heart a rest and the lymph system a boost. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand on my head without stress. I’m afraid I’ll break my neck. What do you think? Write to me, Dear Aggie,



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  1. Hey. It’s me again, Aggie. I popped up in my author’s brain, Nancy G. West, so she interviewed me. Can you believe it? Read about the brain clash between me, the MAIN character in FIT TO BE DEAD and DANG NEAR DEAD, and the author who claims it was her idea to write about me.

    The story is on Nancy J. Cohen’s blog today, and it will probably be there for awhile. Stop by and read the truth:

    Aggie Mundeen

    • HI Gale,
      Aggie would probably like Yoga except that any kind of exercise reminds her she has to do it because she’s way past thirty. It’s a mindset thing. I’ve tried to get through to her but she’s stubborn.
      (: Nancy

  2. I do a half-candle, which is a sort of shoulder stand. I think there are a lot of benefits from that one, too. And I couldn’t do a headstand either!